Soaking Tub Manufacturer

Soaking Tub Manufacturer

KDY is a professional soaking tub manufacturer in China. We keep studying from markets and developing new deep soaking designs according to actual requirements. Contact the KDY team for more details now.

Your Deep Soaking Tub Supplier in China

KDY manufactures and supplies the soaking tubs in an internal bathtub depth of 450mm to 550mm (17-3/4” to 21-5/8”). For your bulk purchasing, you can choose from the current designs in different categories, or request a new design to be developed by KDY team.

Freestanding Soaking Tub

KDY manufactures the freestanding soaking tubs 450mm (or 18”) in depth. The shapes in round, oval, rectangular, or irregular are available for you to choose from in different projects.

Soaking Tub with Jets

Almost all the jetted tubs from KDY factory have a deep soaking design, providing the users with ultimate soaking and massage enjoyment in the deep tubs.

Corner Soaking Tub

The corner soaking tubs are in a total height of 650mm to 700mm. Bathing in the deep bathtub in the corner gives people a much more compact, cozy, and comfortable feeling.

Alcove Soaking Tub

Alcove soaking tub is an affordable luxury design in most engineering projects, KDY supplies 2 designs and 3 sizes over 450mm in depth for people to enjoy deep relaxation.

Drop In Soaking Tub

For drop in soaking tubs, you can choose from 3 designs and 6 sizes from KDY. They can satisfy the modern simple bathrooms with standard or large spaces.

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Product By Size

KDY soaking bathtubs can be made into small, standard, or large sizes, so as to easily fit in various bathroom spaces or outdoors. You can find the right size for small bathrooms or spacious spaces. All sizes are produced under the same strict quality requirements and inspection procedures to ensure high standards for the global market.

  • Small Soaking Tub
    Small Soaking Tub

    The small soaking tub can easily fit in any compact bathroom space. People can sit upright inside. You can get the oval one from 1200x750mm, and the rectangular one from 900x680mm.

  • Large Soaking Tub
    Large Soaking Tub

    The large soaking tub can be as large as 1800mm in length, and 1200mm in width. People can submerge their muscles, joints, and skins freely in the big soaking bathtub.

  • Deep Soaking Tub
    Deep Soaking Tub

    KDY deep soaking tub is in the depth of 450mm, 480mm, and 550mm, which can help people to fully soak in the deep tub without getting cold on both shoulders.

Product By Feature

  • 2 Person Soaking Tub
    2 Person Soaking Tub

    With the big and deep internal space, the soaking tub has enough room for 2 people to soak inside and enjoy good family time.

  • Soaking Tubs with Shower

    The soaking tubs with showers enable people to adjust the water temperature and function easily inside the tubs, without getting up or out of the tub.

  • Soaking Tub Outdoor
    Soaking Tub Outdoor

    The soaking tubs in the round, oval, or rectangular freestanding designs are popular to be placed outdoors, especially for the resorts and villas.

Product Feature Box

Deeper Internal Height
Deeper Internal Height

KDY manufactures soaking tubs with an interior height of over 45cm to achieve deep soaking.

Flexible Options
Flexible Options

You can choose various designs and sizes according to the actual space and project budget.

Heat Preservation
Heat Preservation

The pure acrylic and the reinforcement helps preserve the water heat over 30 minutes.


KDY provides you the service of OEM or ODM to build up your brand or fulfill custom designs.

Health Benefits

The deep bathtub can give the user a feeling of an immersive bath, so as to enjoy the calm relaxation in daily life.

In medicine, regular deep soaking also has many benefits to health: Bathing in a bathtub can promote blood circulation and metabolism, effectively burn fat in the body, and fully relieve the body, thereby helping the kidneys and brain to excrete metabolites and relieve fatigue.

Health Benefits
Require Smaller Space

Require Smaller Space

Compared with standard bathtubs, deep bathtubs do not require too much on layout sizes, and can flexibly adapt to bathroom or installation space.

The deep soaking tub can provide the user with the experience of sitting upright in the bathtub, so its internal vertical height is higher than standard bathtubs, and its length and width dimensions can be reduced accordingly. Therefore, it is very suitable for small bathrooms to meet people’s bathing needs.

Works with International Brands

KDY supplies the soaking tubs for international brands, including the top sanitary ware brands in domestic China, and the international importers, brand owners, brand manufacturers, wholesalers, engineering contractors, hotel purchasers, etc. You can trust the KDY manufacturing quality, industry experience, and services.

For better cooperation, we provide you with free factory inspection, free samples, free mold design (pay first and then return policy), etc. to support your business and better development.

Works with International Brands
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