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Soaking Alcove Tub Factory

KDY is a qualified manufacturer of soaking alcove tubs in China. You can get standard or custom soaking depths, shapes, and sizes from our team.

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Deep Soaking Alcove Tub

KDY manufactures soaking alcove tubs according to the market request. You can purchase from our current models or inquiry for a custom design.

  • Economical modern bathtub design. You can get a favorable wholesale price from the direct bathtub factory.
  • A deep interior soaking area, with 42cm to 45cm in height.
  • The deep soaking alcove tub sells well in European and American countries.
  • Disassemble packaging to save the costs for loading, sea shipping, and storage. Easy to assemble again.
  • Stable load-bearing at the bottom, supported by a multi-pivot stainless steel frame.

KDY Soaking Alcove Tub

Soaking alcove tub is popular in commercial and residential real estate projects in Europe and North America. KDY supplies soaking alcove tubs with an internal height of over 420mm to 450mm.

Apart from the self-developing designs, KDY can also manufacture the soaking alcove tub in one-piece integrated molding in production. Compared with the assembly technique, it eliminates the possibility of cracks and bacteria between the bathtub body and the aprons.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier for your custom designs of soaking alcove tubs, just let us know freely.

420mm Soaking Alcove Tub
420mm Soaking Alcove Tub

The alcove bathtub is with 540mm for overall depth or height, and the soaking depth is 420mm. It is deep enough to submerge the whole body and the shoulders in the bathtub.

450mm Soaking Alcove Tub
450mm Soaking Alcove Tub

The overall depth or height is 580mm for the design, and the soaking depth is 450mm. Compared with the 380mm or 400mm, it can give people the deepest soaking experience.

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Product By Overall Sizes

KDY has total 4 sizes for the deep alcove bathtub, which can meet the basic requirement for both 1-person and 2-person soaking. Contact the KDY team today to get a quote.

  • 1524x762x540mm

    The standard and hot-selling size for North America. It equals 60”x30”x21-1/4”, currently our factory exports a lot to USA and Canada.

  • 1800x800x580mm

    A large size for one person soaking in the bathtub. From the length, width, and depth, the sizes are larger than standard sizes.

  • 1800x900x580mm

    The best alcove tub for one person to soak in the bathroom with sufficient space. Ergonomic design can better protect the human body.

  • 1800x1200x580mm

    The largest alcove soaking tub in KDY factory. Whether for one person or two persons, it is always the ideal and economical bathtub!

Product By Interior Shape

  • Rectangular Shape

    The interior shape is elegant and simple. Matched with modern and minimalist bathtub skirts, it can be the best decoration in the bathroom.

  • Oval Shape
    Oval Shape

    The design is a match of the interior oval and exterior rectangle. With the oval rim around the interior oval bathtub, it can be classic and modern at the same time.

Product Feature Box

Deep Relaxing
Deep Relaxing

Because the immersion is deep enough, people can enjoy a really deep bath to relax.

Simple Design
Simple Design

Extreme simple style design, whether it is in the interior of the product or the skirt on the sides.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

Just connect the drain to the drain hole, seal the seams, and adjust the screws at the bottom.

Wide Application
Wide Application

Widely used in real estate projects because of its modern designs and competitive cost.

Modern Design

KDY bathtub is designed in a modern and simple style, which can meet most of the bathroom decoration. The design is also people-oriented, which can meet the procurement needs of different projects.

  • Widen bathtub edge space to lay the hands on it.
  • The four inner corners of the bathtub are rounded.
  • The back of the bathtub on which the human body rests has an inclined angle, following the ergonomic design.
  • The two aprons are with simple lines.
Modern Design
Fast Delivery KDY

Fast Delivery

Due to the mass production within our factory, we can guarantee you for the fast delivery time, which is about 15 days for one 20” GP or 40” HQ container.

If you have urgent purchasing needs, please contact KDY freely to help further. You can always rely on us for quality, cost, delivery, and service.

Easy Loading

KDY can load the alcove bathtub packaging according to your requirement.

  • To load the alcove tub in one single carton, means the bathtub body, one or two aprons, and the supporting frame are packed in the carton together. It can save the installation process, time, and labor after receiving the goods.
  • Or to load the alcove bathtub in disassembled packaging, which means the bathtub body, aprons, and supporting frame are loaded separately. This method can save a lot of container space, overall transportation costs, and your warehouse space.
Easy Loading
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