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KDY Packaging

Safe and Flexible Packaging to Maximize Your Business Profit


KDY provides different packing methods to ensure the integrity of the goods, and at the same time save costs.

  • Standard 5-layer neutral carton packaging for acrylic shower trays and bathtubs (jetted tub, freestanding bathtub, alcove bathtub, clawfoot tub, soaking tub, etc.).
  • Carton paper and stacking packing, to save the container loading space and transportation costs. (Alcove bathtub, drop-in bathtub, etc.)
  • Reinforced packing with wooden crates, to protect the integrity of the goods during transportation.
  • Other packing methods according to clients’ needs.
Bathtub Carton Packaging
Bathtub in Carton
Shower Tray Carton Packaging
Shower Tray in Carton
Carton Paper Packaging
Bathtub in Carton Paper
Carton Paper Packaging Load in Container
Bathtub in Carton Paper
Bathtub Carton and Wooden Crate Packaging
Carton and Wooden Crate
Bathtub Wooden Crate Packaging in Truck
Bathtub Wooden Crate
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