KDY Bathtub Manufacturing Process

KDY Acrylic Bathtub

Step-by-Step Manufacturing Process

KDY’s high-quality products are supported by high-standard equipment and experienced workers. Our manufacturing process always follows international standards. The process includes heating, vacuum forming, reinforcement, cutting, welding, assembly, water testing, and loading. Check more from the following details.

Step 1 Acrylic Sheet Heating
Step 1: Heating

Heat up the oven to 160 to 180 celcius degrees. Put the acrylic sheet inside, it will then soften in about 3 minutes.

Step 2 Vacuum Forming
Step 2: Vacuum Forming

Put the soft acrylic sheet in the vacuum forming machine, and clamp it well to form the bathtub shape.

Step 3 Reinforcement
Step 3: Reinforcement

Reinforce the bottom of acrylic bathtub with fiberglass, resin, and cedar boards or OSB. Combine well and get dry.

Step 4 Cut the Edge
Step 4: Cut the Edge

Cut the additional bathtub edges, then polish the remaining edges to be smooth.

Step 5 Welding Holder
Step 5: Welding Holder

Weld the stainless steel holder, with 6-8 legs at the bottom. So as to endure a human body weight of 260kgs.

Step 6 Manual Aseembly
Step 6: Manual Assembly

Assemble bathtub accessories, e.g. the aprons, holder, leveling feet, shower and massage sets, overflow, drainer, etc.

Step 7 Water Testing
Step 7: Water Testing

Fill the bathtubs with water, test if the shower and massage sets work well, and if any leakage in the drainer or pipes.

Step 8 Packing & Storage
Step 8: Packing & Storage

Pack the bathtubs with plastic film, cartons, and wooden crates. Store them in the warehouse to load later.

Step 9 Container Loading
Step 9: Container Loading

Load the acrylic baths in the container. The packing and loading shall be safe, space and transportation cost-saving.

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