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Freestanding Bathtub Manufacturer in China

KDY is one of the best freestanding bathtub suppliers and manufacturers in China. We have been exporting to oversea countries with premier quality bathtubs over years. Let’s know more about your project needs and discuss further.

  • Freestanding Bathtub for Hotel
  • Oval Freestanding Tub KD-B07
  • Freestanding Bathtub for Resorts
  • Round Freestanding Bathtub KD-B01
  • Unique Freestanding Bathtub KD-B14
  • Black Freestanding Bathtub for Residential
  • Black and White Free Standing Bathtub KD-B16
  • Freestanding Bathtub for Hotel
  • Oval Freestanding Tub KD-B07
  • Freestanding Bathtub for Resorts
  • Round Freestanding Bathtub KD-B01
  • Unique Freestanding Bathtub KD-B14
  • Black Freestanding Bathtub for Residential
  • Black and White Free Standing Bathtub KD-B16

Modern Freestanding Tub

KDY Bath strives to provide high-quality standard and consumer-satisfied products in luxury bathrooms.

  • Over 19 years of bathtub manufacturing experience
  • Supply to North America, Europe, Australia, etc.
  • Multiple choices for different shapes, colors, and sizes
  • OEM & ODM available, custom design available
  • Small MOQ from 5 pieces per model
  • 3 years warranty for acrylic body and stainless steel hardware

Your Best Freestanding Bathtub Manufacturer

Freestanding bathtubs are KDY’s star products. As we strive to develop and manufacture the latest modern appearance, ergonomic design, and ultra-thin edge, so as to supply you with a wide range of freestanding tub designs and meet the market needs. Apart from the unique shapes, You can also get multiple sizes in length, width, and height for different construction projects.

900mm Freestanding Bathtub
900mm Freestanding Bathtub

900mm freestanding bathtub (in length) can be used in the small bathroom space. Compact but delicate. Wider and deepening internal space can give the user a full of deep soaking enjoyment.

1200mm Freestanding Bathtub
1200mm Freestanding Bathtub

1200mm freestanding bathtubs break the limit of small bathrooms. It’s flexible to be installed. Soaking the whole body inside can relieve fatigue and release pressure.

1500mm Freestanding Bathtub
1500mm Freestanding Bathtub

A 1500mm freestanding bathtub is an enough functional size and fits in most of the bathroom space. It can effectively support all parts of the body to soak leisurely and comfortably inside.

1600mm Freestanding Bathtub
1600mm Freestanding Bathtub

1600mm freestanding bathtub is the standard size in the bathroom. It can be used on both sides. Even a 1.8m adult can fully lie down and stretch his legs. The size suits one person or couple.

1700mm Freestanding Bathtub
1700mm Freestanding Bathtub

1700mm freestanding bathtub is popular in the bathroom. The luxurious outlook suits high-end projects like residential, villas, and hotels. The bearing capacity is strong for bathing and showering.

1800mm Freestanding Bathtub
1800mm Freestanding Bathtub

1800mm is the largest length size for a freestanding bathtub. It is high-end and can be placed anywhere (bathroom, bedroom, or outdoors) to meet the most spacious space and show the taste.

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Freestanding Bathtub By Shapes

According to the different local market preferences and bathroom areas, we provide you with different shapes of free-standing baths, including oval, round, rectangular, square, and other shapes. If you want to customize a freestanding bathtub in different shapes, please inform us directly. We will listen to your requirements and try our best to realize your designs.

  • Oval Freestanding Bathtub

    Oval bathtub is suitable for most bathroom styles. The 3cm thin edge design makes the internal space larger. The simple lines are also visually comfortable and safe to protect the safety of a family.

  • Rectangular Freestanding Bathtub

    The rectangular bathtub is the popular shape. It can be placed against the wall and seamlessly connected to the wall, making the bathroom neat and tidy, and more labor-saving when cleaning.

  • Round Freestanding Bathtub
    Round Freestanding Bathtub

    Round bathtubs are suitable for larger bathrooms and are popular in family baths in Europe. When space permits, it can become a highlight of the bathroom, giving people a noble visual effect.

  • Other Freestanding Bathtub
    Other Freestanding Bathtub

    There are many rich and unique shapes for freestanding tubs to meet different bathroom interior spaces. They are both practical in functions and aesthetic in style for modern fashion people.

Product Feature Box

Modern Luxury Favicon
Modern Luxury

Modern luxury design, giving the bathroom a noble and high-end taste.

Durable Construction Favicon
Durable Construction

Reinforced by high-quality resin and fiberglass, making the bathtub strong and durable.

Easy to Clean Favicon
Easy to Clean

With pure glossy acrylic as raw material, the surface is easy to clean and keep tidy.

Easy to Install Favicon
Easy to Install

It does not require making the base or tiling. Save the labor, time and money.

Production Capacity

KDY Bath started the production of freestanding bathtubs since 2004. With 20+ workers and a 5,000 sqm production facility, our output is about 300 pcs freestanding bathtubs per month.

With strict quality control in raw materials and production, we can pass the factory audit from IAPMO in the US. We always welcome your visit to know more about your business and work together.

KDY Bath Tub Production Capacity
After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

KDY Bath offers a 3-year warranty for our freestanding bathtubs. You can always find us if any order questions, as we are available anytime. Your questions will be answered within 2 working hours. And any after-sales problems will be feedback within 1 working day, after discussing them with our engineers, workers, managers, sales, or relevant staff.

We value cooperation with companies over the world. You can always count on the KDY team which is experienced, professional, and passionate.

Strong Packaging

For the standard export package, the freestanding bathtub is first wrapped in plastic film to avoid scratches or abrasions, then put in the strong 5-layer carton, and finally packed in a wooden crate to prevent transportation pressure.

Also, to save loading space and cost, a stack-up package is available from KDY for freestanding bathtubs. In a 40” HQ container, the stack-up package allows about 140 pieces of bathtubs to be loaded inside. You can consult KDY on this for more details.

Strong Packaging

KDY: Your Leading Freestanding Bathtub Supplier

KDY Freestanding Bathtub Photo

KDY is one of the best freestanding bathtub manufacturers in China. In the past 19 years of business, we have been providing services to our clients with R&D, production, and sales of high-quality free standing tubs.

There is a full range of free standing bathtub, large or small, glossy white or black, standard or deep, rectangular, round or oval. KDY freestanding tub always provides a look of modern luxury and a touch of comfort. Whether you need bathtubs for branding purposes or construction projects, you can always count on our experienced manufacturing team.

Let KDY support your bathtub business. Contact us or request a quote today.

Strict Quality Control

KDY Acrylic Sheet
High Standard Raw Materials

KDY uses purely new material of PMMA (also called acrylic) as the raw material. It is purchased from famous acrylic sheet suppliers in China. This material is non-toxic and can resist acid, alkali, heat, or oil. Thus it can make the bathtub keep the features of high-gloss, anti-scratch, stain, or fade.

Reinforced by 2 to 3 layers of alkali-free fiberglass and resin, the thickness of the finished bathtub is up to 2.8-4mm, which keeps itself strong and durable, and with little possibility of separation between the fiberglass reinforcement and the acrylic.

KDY Quality Inspection
Product Quality Inspection

KDY pays high attention to the quality of our products. The inspection process is throughout the whole production process. Which includes the following aspects:

  • Bathtub appearance
  • Bathtub size tolerance
  • Hardware & accessories quality
  • Overflow and drain function or leakage
  • Water testing
  • Performance testing

Freestranding Tub Supply for Different Projects


Applying the freestanding bathtub in the hospitality industry is important. Hospitality concerns the customers’ satisfaction, safety, and relaxation. Soaking in the bathtub, the customers can relieve the pressure and enjoy the service. And the luxury bathtub appearance also gives the star hotels an esthetic look.


In modern-style villas, it is common to have freestanding bathtubs. Especially in the big bathroom space, the owner can have a full option for the tub design and size. The freestanding bathtubs can meet the owner’s need for better design in the bathroom and improve satisfaction in daily life.


Installing a freestanding bathtub in residential projects becomes more and more popular. By using it, the user could enjoy a rare moment of relaxation throughout the day, improving sleep conditions and happiness in daily life. When there is a baby in the house, it is convenient to help him to bathe and enjoy the family moment. While the bathtub has practical functions, it can also show the owner’s life taste.

Bathtub Production
Your Trust-Worthy Manufacturer for
Free Standing Tub

19+ Years Experience. High Quality and OEM Designs. Professional Team. Competitive Price.

  • They are prompt and the bathtub is durable. We are very happy with the products and the support.

  • Focus and professional! It’s a wise choice for choosing you to develop our custom bath designs, they fully meet our requests. Thank you all!

  • We are pleased with the freestanding bathtub from KDY. The quality is good and the price is reasonable. If you have a project with bathtub for the bathroom, we highly recommend KDY as your reliable supplier.


1500mm Freestanding Bathtub

  • Model No.: KD-B20
  • Size: 1500x730x580mm, 1600x800x580mm, 1700x800x580mm
  • Material: Pure acrylic
  • Frame: Stainless steel frame support
  • Color: Glossy white
  • Drain Location: Center
  • Accessories: Long slim overflow, pop-up drainer, overflow pipe, drain pipe
  • Net Weight: 55kgs
  • Gross Weight: 65kgs
  • Package: Standard export carton with foam inside, packed with wooden crate
  • Application: Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Villa, Construction Projects
  • Loading Port: Foshan, China
  • HS Code: 39221000


Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Freestanding Bathtub?

A freestanding bathtub is literally a bathtub that can freestanding on the floor (usually in the bathroom). The four sides of the tub can completely show itself, without connect to the wall or fix to it.

2. Are Freestanding Bathtubs Comfortable?

Yes. It will be very comfortable to use freestanding bathtubs. Because the free standing bathtub is designed in an ergonomic style, a bathtub of suitable size can take care of the shoulders, protect the waist, support the buttocks, and stretch the legs when taking a bath. When enjoying a bath, there is no burden on the human body, and you can get great relaxation and comfort under the warm temperature and water flow.

3. What is the Function of a Freestanding Bathtub?

The most basic function of a freestanding bathtub is to bath and clean the body, allowing the body to relax and the mind to filled with peace. If it is equipped with lighting, music, aromatherapy, and books, you can enjoy a higher quality life while taking a bath.

In terms of space, a free-standing bathtub can also make the bathroom appear larger and more stylish.

4. Who Can Use a Freestanding Bathtub?

Family, adults, children, babies, and lovers can use freestanding bathtubs.

However, due to the relatively high height of the bathtub, it is not suitable for the disabled and the elderly to use it. It will be more convenient and safer for them to use the open-door bathtub.

5. KDY Freestanding Bathtub Applications

Freestanding bathtubs can be applied in modern villas, hotels, homes, apartments, B&Bs, etc.

6. What is the Advantage of a Freestanding Bathtub?

1). Position: Flexible installation position, the freestanding bathtub can be placed anywhere in the bathroom at will.

2). Installation and maintenance: The installation is simple, no additional base is required, and the construction method is relatively simple. Easy to check and maintain. It is suitable for use when the floor has been decorated.

3). Style: There are many styles and many changes in shape. Consumers can choose the bathtub they are satisfied with to a large extent.

4). Cleaning: It is easy to clean, 360 degrees can be cleaned at will.

5). Matching accessories: It is easy to match with the bathtub faucet, and some faucets can be installed on the wall or on the edge of the bathtub. So any style of faucet can be fitted to complement the bathtub.

7. What is the Disadvantages of a Freestanding Bathtub?

Because the bathtub has its length and width, thus it requires on the size and area of the bathroom space, and even affect the difficulty of actual installation. When installing, pay attention to whether the pipeline position of the water inlet and drain can match the bathtub.

8. What is the Difference of Freestanding Bath vs Built In Bath?
  • The freestanding bath can be placed directly at any position in the home, there is no fixed installation position, as long as the water inlet and drain pipes are made. The maintenance is relatively simple. But it requires a larger space area. The stand-alone bathtub style is more attractive, which can make the bathroom look more fashionable. And the price is relatively expensive.
  • About the build in bathtub, it needs to build a base before installation, and it is usually installed against the wall to save space. The installation process takes time. Once installed, it cannot be moved at will. But the maintenance is relatively simple, the cleaning is more convenient, and there is no need to consider the problem of dirt in the gaps. The price is cheaper.
9. How to Choose the Right Freestanding Bathtub?

To choose the right freestanding bathtub for your projects, please consider the following aspects:

1). Material. The manufacturing material basically determines the performance of the bathtub.

Common materials for freestanding bathtubs are solid wood, cast iron, acrylic, and ceramic. Relatively speaking, the most popular on the market is the acrylic bathtub.

To test the acrylic bathtub, you can know the quality of the material by looking at the gloss of the surface; Touch the surface of the bathtub, the more delicate the hand feels, the better; Knock on the bathtub to feel the thickness; Test the water to distinguish the noise and heat preservation; Press with hands and feet to test the firmness, etc.

2). Size. You would need to know the bathroom layout, confirm the size of the bathroom, the size of the bathroom door, the layout of water and electricity, and the reserved location and size of the bathtub. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the height and body shape of the users. The regular freestanding bathtub size is about 150-180 cm in length, 70-100 cm in width, and 56-78 cm in height.

3). Style. Choose a simple or classic design, to make the decoration harmonious and unified in the bathroom.

4). Design. There are many designs and shapes of freestanding bathtubs. Pay attention to choosing ergonomically designed ones, which can allow users to enjoy the relaxation of bathing to a greater extent.

5). After-sales service. Apart from product quality and cost performance, after-sales service is also an important factor to consider. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a reliable and suitable bathtub supplier for your business.

10. What is the Possible Defect of a Freestanding Bathtub?

The possible defects are discoloration, yellowing, dullness, scratches, cracks, separation between acrylic body and reinforced fiberglass, and poor load-bearing capacity.

By using pure high gloss acrylic sheets as raw material (thickness in 2.8mm-3.8mm), KDY can avoid the defects such as discoloration, yellowing, dullness, scratches, cracks, etc.

Our freestanding bathtub is reinforced by 2-3 layers of high-quality fiberglass and resin, and supported by a durable stainless steel bracket. Thus there will be no separation between the acrylic body and reinforced fiberglass layer, and with a load-bearing capacity for over 260kgs.

All the bathtubs from KDY are with 3 years warranty and lifetime after-sales service. You can always rely on us for high-quality bathtubs and stand out in the market.

We always welcome you to evaluate the quality by sending a sample, having a factory audit, or checking by a third-party company.

11. What is the Popular Size for Freestanding Bathtub?

The popular size of a freestanding bathtub is 170cm in length, 80cm in width, and 58cm in height. However, you should choose the size according to the bathroom space and the users’ height.

12. Which Shape is Most Comfortable for a Freestanding Tub?

Among bathtubs of various shapes, rectangle and oval are the best choices for people seeking comfort in bathing. Because these two shapes conform to the structure of the human body, and these two bathtubs are mainstream market products, the design functions are more comprehensive.

Relatively speaking, the bathing comfort of oval bathtubs is higher than that of rectangular and square bathtubs, because oval bathtubs can help stretch the body, and the streamlined design is softer, making it more comfortable when lying down.

13. Can We Customize Our Freestanding Bathtub Designs from You?

Yes, KDY can custom the freestanding bathtub designs for our clients, and we have already gained rich experiences in this field.

14. Can We Change the Color of the Bathtub?

Yes. It’s workable to change the bathtub color into glossy or matt white, black, red, blue, green, or any color you want.

15. Can We OEM Our brand with Your Bathtub?

Of course, OEM or ODM are welcome from us. We can do the OEM services according to your details.

16. How Can I get a Sample?

Please contact our sales team on the sample design you need, and maybe the possible purchasing plan for bulk orders. We will make the sample and send it to your company for evaluate.

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