Frequently Asked Questions About KDY Bath

About Bathtub and Shower Base Manufacturing

Q1: How Many Manufacturing Machines Do You Have?

A1: Total 5 machines, which includes 3 blister forming machines, 1 automatic spray gun for fiberglass, and 1 cutting machine.

Q2: How Many Workers in Your Factory?

A2: We have about 20 workers in our factory, including 16 workers in manufacturing, 4 office staff, and 2 in management.

Q3: What is Your Production Capacity Each Month?

A3: Now we can produce about 200-300 pieces bathtubs each month. Our maximum production capacity can be double base on clients’ order needs.

Q4: What is Your R&D Capacity, How Many New Designs Do You Have Every Year?

A4: We have an experienced engineer team for R&D, currently we own over 400+ moulds. Each year we have about 10 new designs.

Q5: What is the Lead Time for An Order?

A5: Usually, it’s 15-20 days for one 40″HQ container, 25-35 days for quantities less than a 40″HQ.

Custom Designs

Q1: Can I Customize Our Designs from Your Factory?

A1: Yes. Please send us your design photos with sizes. Then we will check if it is workable and quote the custom price.

Q2: How Much Does It Cost for a Custom Design, and What is the Process?

A2: The mould cost is about $800 per model per size. You can send us your custom design, drawing, sizes and estimated production quantity, we can check if it can be made.

The mould cost can be refunded if the order quantity is over 300 piece in a year.

Q3: Can You Make Our Brand and Print Our Logo on the Products?

A3: Yes, please send us your brand logo, so that we can laser print it on the products during production.

Raw Material Questions

Q1: Do You Use Acrylic Sheet or ABS as Raw Material, and What are the Differences?

A1: We only use 100% pure acrylic as raw material for bathtub or shower base.

Pure acrylic sheet is produced by 100% acrylic. ABS (composite sheet) is manufactured by 5 layers materials, the 1st, 3rd and 5th layer are acrylic, the 2nd and 4th layer are ABS. Pure acrylic sheet is much more superior than ABS, the differences are as follow:

1). Superior flexibility. Pure acrylic bathtub is not easy to deform after long-term use, it’s better gloss, and it can maintain long-lasting bright effect. While ABS is relatively hard, thus it is difficult to restore the original shape after deformation, which affects the appearance. Also, the gloss is not good.

2). Another benefit of good flexibility is that it has better contact with human skin, and the human body feels more comfortable in contact with pure acrylic.

3). The polishing effect is better. The polishing effect of pure acrylic sheet is obviously better than that of composite sheet. Small defects after long-term use can be as bright as new after secondary polishing, without obvious polishing traces. However, the polishing effect of the composite sheet after long-term use cannot be compared with that of the pure acrylic sheet, and it will leave obvious polishing marks.

4). Visually, the surface of the pure acrylic sheet is milky white, with a strong sense of warmth, while the composite sheet is pale.


Q2: What is the Thickness of Your Acrylic Sheet?

A2: The pure acrylic sheet thickness is from 2.8mm, 3.2mm to 3.5mm. We can apply the acrylic sheet according to the actual designs and the client’s requirements.

Q3: How Many Layers of Fiberglass Do You Spray on the Bathtub or Shower Tray?

A3: 2 to 3 layers.

Q4: What Wood Material Do You Use to Reinforce the Bottom of the Bathtub or Shower Tray?

A4: Oriented strand board (OSB) or cedar.

Q5: What is the Material of the Bracket/Holder?

A5: Stainless Steel.

Q6: What Motor Do You Use for Massage Bathtub?

A6: We apply qualified motors for massage bathtubs, the motor brand is LingXiao or the like.

Quality and Factory Audit

Q1: What is Your Quality Level?

A1: Our quality level is medium to high level in this industry. We can produce our products according to your quality needs and budget plans.

Q2: How Can I Check Your Product Quality?

A2: There are some ways to check the product quality from KDY:

1). Visit our factory, and evaluate the quality face-to-face.

2). You can also send your agent or a third-party company to visit our factory and check. They can feedback with some photos, videos, reports, etc.

3). A product sample can be sent to you. If you have goods loading in China, we can send it to your other supplier’s address. If you want to receive the sample in your company office, we can deliver it by sea shipping or by air express.

Q3: Do You Have Any Certification for Your Products?

A3: Currently no. However, some manufacturing factories and trading companies purchased our bathtubs or shower bases, then sent them to apply for the cUPC certificate, and at last, they passed the certificate.

Q4: Can I Visit Your Factory?

A4: Absolutely. You are always welcome to our factory. Please let us know your time schedule, and we will arrange the time for your factory audit.

Q5: Can We Visit Your Factory By Video Meeting?

A5: Yes, please inform us at least 4 hours in advance before the video meeting. We will let the sales and managing director coordinate the time for you.

Getting Started Questions

Q1: What are Your Main Products?

A1: Our main products include acrylic freestanding bathtubs, alcove bathtubs, drop-in bathtubs, massage bathtubs, and shower trays.

Q2: Can I Have Your Product Catalog?

A2: Yes, you can send an email to sales@kdy-bath.com, or simply leave a message on the website, then our catalog will be sent to you.

Q3: Can I Have Your Price List?

A3: Of course. Please just contact us, we will quote for any of your needs.

Q4: Which Countries Have You Ever Exported to?

A4: We have been exporting to America, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, etc. Our bathtub and shower base can meet the needs of North American countries and European countries.

Q5: What Are You Hot Selling Designs?

A5: To USA or Canada, the hot-selling designs are acrylic shower bases and alcove bathtubs; To the Australian market, it’s the seamless freestanding bathtub;

To the German market, it’s 40-50mm low-profile shower tray.

And to the Middle East market, it’s the massage bathtub.

Q6: What Designs Are You Exporting to North America Now?

A6: Mostly acrylic shower base, and alcove bathtub in standard North American sizes.

Q7: What is Your MOQ?

A7: MOQ is 10 pieces per model per size.

Q8: What is Your Warranty for Bathtub or Shower Tray?

A8: 3 years warranty.

Q9: What is Your Payment Terms?

A9: T/T, L/C, Western Union.

Q10: What Services or Solution Can You Provide?

A10: KDY Bath can provide you with solutions like production cost management, packaging, and container loading solutions.

If you need other support from us, you can always inform us freely.

Q11: How Many Pieces Bathtubs Can Be Loaded in a 40”HQ Container?

A11: About 80 pieces for a freestanding bathtub, about 600-700 pieces for drop-in bathtubs.

Q12: What is the HS Code of Acrylic Bathtub or Shower Base?

A12: 3922100000.

Q13: Where is the Port of Loading?

A13: Foshan, China.

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