Expert Acrylic Bathtub Factory
With 19 Years Experience
We can be your trusted acrylic bathtub and shower tray partner in China to provide superior quality and custom services at an affordable price.
Expert Acrylic Bathtub Factory
With 19 Years Experience
We can be your trusted acrylic bathtub and shower tray partner in China to provide superior quality and custom services at an affordable price.
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KDY Acrylic Bathtub Factory

Professional Bathtub Manufacturer in China

Foshan Gaoming Kangdaye Sanitary Ware Factory (‘KDY Bath’ in short) was founded in 2004. With 19 years experiences of manufacturing and customization, we can supply you with different designs of acrylic bathtubs and shower trays, so as to meet the project needs of residential, star hotels, apartments, villas, resorts, etc.

KDY always strives to provide you with high-quality bathtubs on time and within budget. Currently, we are exporting to countries in North America, Europe, and Oceania, which includes the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, etc.

If you need acrylic bathtub production or custom service, choose KDY as your manufacturing partner!

About KDY Bath

5,000 Sqm Factory

KDY Bath owns 5,000 square meters of manufacturing factory. Total 20+ factory employees are always ready to support your needs. Welcome to visit us anytime (including video meetings).

5000 Sqm Factory Favicon
Advanced Equipments

We have a full line of manufacturing equipment to keep the quality outstanding. Including 3 vacuum forming mold machines, 1 automatic fiber spray gun, 2 cutting machines, etc.

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Custom Designs

KDY Bath is a manufacturer that can provide custom designs and maintain good quality. Now we have total 400+ custom molds for bathtubs and shower trays, and the number is still growing every year.

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Exceptional Service

‘Quality first, customer first’ is our principle, thus our team focuses on meeting your needs and solving your problems. Our service covers you from the beginning to the end of the procurement order.

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Featured Products

Jacuzzi Bathtub KDY

We provide high-quality jacuzzi bathtubs with powerful whirlpool jets, air bubbles, or led lighting. They are equipped with branded motors, good quality bathtub shower sets, drainers, and other accessories. Multiple designs and various sizes for your different options.

Freestanding Bathtub KDY

KDY produces modern freestanding bathtubs in different shapes and colors. One-piece molding, seamless connection, and long overflow give the bathtub an exquisite look. The bathtub is made of pure acrylic, reinforced by fiberglass, resin, and wood, which ensures high quality in the market.

Alcove Bathtub KDY

Alcove bathtub is popular in construction projects. KDY offers custom services and more sizes in one model to meet different space needs easily. To save your budget, we can also provide flexible packaging and loading solutions.

Clawfoot Tub KDY

Traditional and elegant clawfoot tub, with ergonomic designs. Pure glossy white or red color is available. You can choose chrome or golden lion feet to meet the classic taste in residential or hotels.

Drop In Tub KDY

Economic drop-in bathtub with full range sizes, length from 1200mm to 1800mm, width from 610mm to 1200mm. Durable acrylic material, simple but modern designs, and easy installation make the drop-in tub the best option and competitive for commercial project use.

Shower Tray KDY

KDY manufactures acrylic shower trays in North American and European standard shapes and sizes. Shapes include rectangular, square, neo-angle, quarter, etc. Our designs can be produced with a low profile, tile flanges, slip-resistance surfaces, tub surrounds, or center/ left/ right/ trench drains.

Strict Quality Control

KDY Custom Moulds

Custom Molds

The KDY bathtubs and shower bases are all manufactured by our self-owned molds. Currently, we have 400+ custom FRP molds. Our R&D can design, make and repair the molds, so as to ensure the product quality is well-controlled at the very first beginning.

KDY Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet

We only use pure acrylic sheets as raw material, which ensures the bathtubs are in high gloss color, easy to polish, comfortable when touching people’s skin, and not easy to deform after long-term use.

The thickness of the acrylic sheet is from 2.8mm, 3.0mm, 3.2mm, 3.5mm to 3.8mm. The thickness will be changed according to the designs, sizes, and your quality requirements.

KDY Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming

The 100% acrylic sheet is heated to 160 to 180 degrees Celcius, then becomes soft and malleable after about 3 minutes. It will be clamped in the vacuum-forming machine by 4 experienced workers. The sheet is thermally stretched and deformed, then adsorbed on the mold wall.  After it cools down and becomes firm, it will be taken out of the machine.

KDY Bathtub Reinforcement


The bottom of the acrylic bathtub is reinforced with glass fiber, epoxy resin, and wood by machine or manually. Usually, 2 to 3 layers of fiberglass are applied to the bathtub. And the wood is cedar boards or oriented strand boards (OSB). The stainless steel bracket will also be attached to the bathtub in this step if it’s needed.

KDY Cutting

Cutting & Polish

The edges of the bathtub are cut by the trimming machine, and then the rough edges are polished into smooth ones.

The holes for the shower sets, overflow, drainer, whirlpool jets, or air jets are drilled and polished manually after the above steps.

KDY Welding Holder

Welding Bracket

The stainless steel pipes are cut and welded into brackets in different shapes. It can support the user’s weight and guarantee safety. The stainless steel bracket made by our worker is solid and stable.

KDY Assembly


In this step, our workers would install the motor, shower sets, overflow hole, drainer, piping, whirlpool jets, air jets, and bathtub feet. Also, the bathtub aprons will be attached to the main body.

The branded motor we apply is waterproof and certified. And the pipe joints are sealed to prevent leaks.

KDY Water Test

Water Test

The KDY bathtubs pass the inspection and water test to ensure there is no leakage in the overflow hole, drain hole, or pipes. The motor and relevant electrical appliances are waterproof and in normal use.

Bathtub Application Industries

Freestanding Tub for Star Hotel
Star Hotel
Freestanding Bathtub for Residential Projects
Clawfoot Tub for Resorts
Drop-in Tub for Apartment
Massage Bathtub for Villa
Baby Spa Tub for Spa Center
Spa Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lead Time?

About 15 days for quantities for 20″ GP or 40″HQ. 20 to 35 days for quantity less than one container. Urgent order please inform us in advance to further check.

What is Payment Method?

T/T 30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipment. L/C, Western Union, or cash is accepted.

What is the Warranty?

3 years warranty.

How to Start My Order?

Please leave a message on our website, or just send us an email (to Tell us about your needs, we will feedback within 2 working hours.

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  • It’s happy to work with KDY, because they listen to our hotel plans, and offer helpful solutions. We received the bathtubs and checked them, they are of good quality.

    Howard Williams
    Howard Williams
    General Manager, USA
  • We have been working with KDY for years, they are easy to work with. The bath products we purchased sell well in the local market.

    Laura Anderson
    Laura Anderson
    Purchasing Officer, Australia
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